So since my deliciously glitched programmer art meets geodata post yesterday I’ve done a fair bit of work on my Thesis project.  After some frustration with Delaunay Triangulations and Conforming Delaunay Triangulations I’ve resigned myself to using GL_LINES as a temporary stopgap measure.  I’ve alotted myself a total of 1 week for the integration of any data coming out of OpenStreetMap into the project and I’m less than 48 hours in.  Hopefully I get the time to come back to this and do the triangulation properly.  Some advice from the make of Mythruna, Paul Speed, on chat tonight looks to be promising and a significantly simpler solution than I had anticipated (aren’t those the best kind?).

I’ve also added the rendering of railroad tracks this and have begun to build a color schema for the display of data.  Grey is roads and brown is railway.  Public transportation is also linked to blue lines, but New York evidently doesn’t have it annotated as such in the map.